2018 In Review

Hello, this is Joseph Holsten & Dan Webb from Sous Chefs. We’ve had quite a year, so I thought I’d summarize the major moments. Here we go!

2018 was a pretty big year in Sous-Chefs, we started on OpenCollective to raise funds for our core contributors. Many hours go into rewriting, maintaining, and reviewing pull requests. It’s a great way to give back to those that empower you and your company!

We moved our cookbook testing from TravisCI to CircleCI accross the board, for reliability and speed reasons. We were one of the first organisatons to adopt Orbs. Orbs are a way of reusing commands and more importantly yaml, without losing the expressiveness that comes with CircleCI. Check ours out here.

Major/New Releases


Looking for an interesting challenge

The following cookbooks are currently underloved, but with a small number of community members. We know they’ve provided value to poeple in the past, but require some love.

Now included in Chef 14

Both the sysctl and swap cookbooks are now included in Chef 14!

Deprecated cookbooks

We’ve deprecated the mac_os_x cookbook in favour of the excellently written MacOS cookbook from Microsoft.

Chef Compliance was deprecreated as it’s encorporated into Chef Automate. Our accompanying cookbook has been deprecated.

Too Many To Note

We’ve done a lot of releases in the past year, here’s an absolutely huge list of all the “minor” releases.