2019-02-25 Sous-Chefs Meeting

apache2 release

This week we released Apache2!

We’re looking for user configurations to test backwards compatability.

nginx transfer

Nginx have been transferred to the Sous-Chefs this week.

Nginx is going to be modelled after apache2 style


Best Practises

Update of our best practices:

  • Low level of abstractions, it should be as close to the documentation as possible
  • Opinionated
  • Don’t make the simple things hard to do, just to meet a niche use case
  • Cookbooks are made to serve the 95% use case
  • Low maintenance overhead

Thursdays PR Help Session

  • Enable people with little experience to get up to speed
  • Help people open PRs or perspective
  • Catch-up with inflight PRs
  • Follow the thought process of reworking cookbooks

Bone Yard

We’re looking to start a Boneyard similar to Chef Boneyard, for Sous-chefs cookbooks that we don’t actively maintain.


We have a number of candidates to remove poise. The main aim for this project is to bring these cookbooks into line with Sous-Chefs standards.

This should mean that more people will be able to contribute patches and improvements to them in the future.

Candidates for de-poise

  • HAProxy
  • Consul
  • Hashicorp Vault

Thursdays Hack Session

This week we are going to run a hack session on de-poising HAProxy. Come along if you want to learn anything about cookbook maintenance!

We will be running the session at 5pm GMT.