Collaborative community of Chef practitioners dedicated to improving the quality of cookbooks


Who we are


The board is responsible for those things that are not easily distributed.

  • enforce the code of conduct
  • enforce licenses
  • manage finances
  • control access to community services

This list should remain as small as possible. If it is possible to automate, it should be automated.

The board reserves the authority to do any lawful act necessary to operate the community, but we’ll try to avoid wielding this hammer as much as possible.

Current Board Members


Folks with complete control over the sous-chefs organisation. This currently consists of cookbook maintainers.

Chef de partie

Folks with commit access to sous-chefs repos. This is currently available to anyone who asks. Keep in mind, maintainers determine the commit policy for their own cookbooks, so belonging to this does not necessarily mean you should push commits to existing cookbooks.


Folks who agree to the decisions made by the sous-chefs in meta. Yeah, it doesn’t really give any power, but it’s a way of showing support for the sous-chefs.